Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm going to try something new and just share random stuff that goes through my mind some times.


I missed a class yesterday. Due to migraine. Asked about it today in school. Apparently I hadn't missed much. We then did some school stuff. It was ok.


I got nothing against cats. I think they're pretty cool actually. All soft and purring and stuff. But they're god damn poop machines. I don't know how they do it. How can they create so much poop when being so small. They don't even eat that much. But somehow they manage.


Some say that I'm too narcissistic. I'd say that I'm not narcissistic enough. I mean, the way I look, I should be a model or something. Upping sales for boxers or be a living poster for good genes. But I'm just too humble. The world isn't ready for my beauty in the mass media. People would go crazy. Men with jealousy and women with lust. 
I'm just not ready to live in a post-apocalyptic world just yet.


The joker from the black knight said it best: "Why so serious?"
Some people are just way to serious. Like all the time. It can't be healthy? I'm more happy-go-lucky guy. I just don't care that much about trivial stuff. It's like my number one saying here in life, well right after "If you're hungry; Eat". It goes something like this: "Det löser sig." Which roughly translates to:
 "It'll be fine"


Well that's all for today. I should carry a notebook with me to write these small things down. Or perhaps one of those recorder thingies. But that'd make me look like a tool. Anywho, be well everyone.


  1. My cats don't poop that much, lol. Maybe your cat has gastrointestinal parasites... it causes diarrhea.

  2. @wolvz ALL cats poops like that. Like, all the frigging time.

  3. I'm way to serious myself. As for cats, I put their small size down to all that poop. They manage to poop away most of their size. And there's nothing wrong with a healthy ego, if anything, I could do with more of one.

  4. I like how you formed that post! And I like how the titles of each paragraph put together look like an arrow!

  5. some people are really way to serious. A little bit of dark humor brigthens every day, no matter what ;)

  6. Interesting. You sound a lot like me.

  7. oh! my gosh! today's challenge is about "our pet" and mine was cat a and I read your post! great! hahahahaha!

    and by the way! hands down to your post!
    the way I look, I should be a model or something-HANDS DOWN!!!

  8. you did strike me as slightly narcissistic, to be honest.

  9. Well, my cats don't poop. :P

  10. You know, you should write more posts like this. Interesting, easy to read... Nice. :)

    Also, I mentioned you in my post today. :)

  11. I'm allergic to cats, at least I think I do.

  12. Lovely post format, I should learn a thing or two from you. Liked the post.

  13. my dogs and cat always poop! but i hate it when my cat poops! nasty! after he poops he gets hungry, then poops again, then eat, then poop! hate it. but i love him.
    sorry about your migraine. I heard it hurts a lot.
    They said I'm a serious type. IDK. haha


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