Friday, September 30, 2011

Worst day this month

This day has to be the worst day I've experienced in a long time. It's starts out with me oversleeping. So i have to hurry to get dressed and get on my way to college. Now, my college got a lot of entrances. It's standard procedure for colleges really. The more entrances, the cooler the college. So naturally I chose the one closest for me which also happens to house some artsy class high school thing in the same building. Standing just outside the entrance, I take my last puffs of my cigarette when this fat high school teacher bitch comes out and is all like "You can't smoke inside 15 meters of the entrances.". So I stand there, looking at her with an raised eyebrow, while finishing off my smoke. I throw it to the payment next to me and put it out and then starts jabbering on again. "You know, there is an urn over..." But on the "over" I had already walked pass her and through the door. I could hear finishing her sentence, "... there you can throw it in", behind my back in that voice you get when you know nobody is listening to what you're saying.

I proceed with working with my work group, trying to do something productive, when I can feel a migraine attack sneaking up on me. They're kinda like feral predators. They don't look so dangerous from afar but when they're close enough they pounce, digging their nine inch steel claws into your head. So I tried to wrap things up so that I could go home.

I get home and find that I'm out of my morphine-based prescription painkillers. So I swallow some of the useless over the counter stuff and try to get some sleep. Not the easiest thing when it's like 1 p.m.

Oh well, shit happens. Hopefully I won't have a crippling pain tomorrow so that I can spend some of my hard earned cash on whiskey. And drink it. Be well everyone.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6 a.m - Awake

Well it's 6 a.m and I'm awake. It's not so bad tho since I woke up at around midnight. My sleeping patterns have gone to hell. Anywho, I'm looking forward to an excellent day to come. A full day of college stuff. And the first time wearing my wool coat for the year. God I love that thing. It's like it was designed with me in mind. If I were God, that coat would be my human.

In other news, not much going on. Measured my IQ on and got a nice 135 points. Not really that surprising. With great looks comes great minds. Or something like that. Anywho, you should check it out, it's always fun to do test like these. And if you get more than 110 you can always brag about it. But i'd advice you to hide them results if you get anything below 80. With fire.
Talking about fire, do any of you guys smoke? And if so, what brand? Me, myself, prefer the brand John Silver. Filter free if I can get a hold of them otherwise I'll just settle with the normal once. They have a rather strong tase and are more rough than the Marlboro brand. Almost similar to Prince but with a much better flavour.

So smokers, what do you smoke? Non-smokers, why don't you smoke?

Friday, September 23, 2011

Assigment done.

Well I'm done. Ended up at almost exactly 1200 words so at least my predictions were right. I must say that writing official documents is very different from any other type of writing. I always neglect to remember the insane amount of reading that goes along with it. And with insane reading i mean speed reading ten pages of summaries. But still, the reference checking while blogging is almost nil. Sure, I do google some when I write my blog as well, but that's mostly word usage and such so I don't come across as completely stupid.

Anywho, with that done I'm more or less free for the next five days. Gonna see if I can get some fun adventures going to tell you guys about later. Or just stay home and watch TV. I haven't really decided yet. Need to get around making those fan ficts I mentioned earlier a reality as well. I know you all are waiting to hear more about Harry and his "wand" ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

All nighter - 6 am.

I decided to stay up this night to do some assignment for college. I'm not really that pressed for time, since it's not due for another day, and I could've started earlier than 2:30 am. But something that I've realized this evening is that writing about stuff you don't care about is really, really, boring. Like seriously. The thing is that the assignment isn't even that hard. I'm suppose to write 3 pages in News Time Roman, 12 pt, with the a line space of 1.5. That's an estimated 800-1200 words. By reading this far you've read 102 words. That took me about 5 minutes to write. And yet I don't even have 500 words on that damn paper. A paper I've had staring at me for roughly four hours now. But then again, it might be the fact that during that time I've had two smoke breaks, three coffee breaks, watched three episodes of Wilfred US (Awesome show btw!), taken a shower and shaved.

I might have ADD. In other news: I don't have many other news! I've spent most of my days chilling, going to school and similar boring stuff like that. So no real adventure to speak of. I do have a question tho. When is it OK to wear a wool coat? I mean, it's getting kinda chilly out, but not that chilly. I don't think i got any good picture of it... unless...

I don't know why I add these things.

I guess the picture doesn't help much. This was 277 words.

Edit: Come on guys, i was asking about the coat, not the hat >:$

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Harry Potter X Twilight fanfics?

I was thinking the other day about popular media. My exact thoughts went something like "This shit is huge. How do I cash in on this?" After careful consideration it finally hit me. Harry Potter fanfics! Of the erotic kind. I mean, the sexual innuendo is already there. All you have to do really is exchange wand with wang. And I got enough sexual encounters to accurately describe the more intimate parts. Sure, I'll have to wing it when it comes up to Harry snuggling with Malfoy while Ron is holding a magical camera. And down many glasses of alcohol. But it'll totally be worth it. Throw in some sparkling vampires and a couple of justin beibers in there and the teenage girls will flock to my fanfic site by the millions! Perhaps even billions!

"Oh Harry, please be gentle with my wand"

So what do you guys think? Best idea ever or what?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello again

Well, I totally loved the format on my last post, so I think that I'll stick with it for a while. It's actually surprisingly easy to write small bursts of text. Don't worry though, if something fun happens in my life I'll totally commit to a full blown post about it.


I think I got prosopagnosia. It's this condition that makes you unable to recognize faces. God knows that's a problem for me. I can't tell one face from another even if it'd save my life. So I compensate with remembering peoples hair, body type and body language instead. It can be very akward if people get a haircut...


The first thing I notice when I talk to people are their eyes. And sometimes that can be the only thing I remember. It can casue some fun conversations.
Friend: "Do you remember that Jonna girl from last week?"
Me: "That's the girl with blue eyes with a bit of brown around the pupils right?"
Friend: "Er... what?"
Me: "What?"
Friend: "Nevermind..."


I've always been a dog person. They're easy to handle and always more or less happy. And they always like to share food. Cats never do that. They're all like: "Meat? You expect me to eat meat? What's wrong with you?" Damn cats.


I found a spider the other day. Or rather, the spider found me. I was lying in my bed reading when this big black thing showed up on my book. In my bed. Doing it's thing. I supressed my first instinct to freak out and jump out the window and captured it. I later released it in the hallway outside of my apartment. He's my neighbours problem now.

That's today's thoughts yall. I'm going back to playing Fallout: New Vegas now. Or studying. Who knows.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I'm going to try something new and just share random stuff that goes through my mind some times.


I missed a class yesterday. Due to migraine. Asked about it today in school. Apparently I hadn't missed much. We then did some school stuff. It was ok.


I got nothing against cats. I think they're pretty cool actually. All soft and purring and stuff. But they're god damn poop machines. I don't know how they do it. How can they create so much poop when being so small. They don't even eat that much. But somehow they manage.


Some say that I'm too narcissistic. I'd say that I'm not narcissistic enough. I mean, the way I look, I should be a model or something. Upping sales for boxers or be a living poster for good genes. But I'm just too humble. The world isn't ready for my beauty in the mass media. People would go crazy. Men with jealousy and women with lust. 
I'm just not ready to live in a post-apocalyptic world just yet.


The joker from the black knight said it best: "Why so serious?"
Some people are just way to serious. Like all the time. It can't be healthy? I'm more happy-go-lucky guy. I just don't care that much about trivial stuff. It's like my number one saying here in life, well right after "If you're hungry; Eat". It goes something like this: "Det löser sig." Which roughly translates to:
 "It'll be fine"


Well that's all for today. I should carry a notebook with me to write these small things down. Or perhaps one of those recorder thingies. But that'd make me look like a tool. Anywho, be well everyone.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blog awards.

I've recently been awarded some blog award thingies. Courtesy of  Mai Yang. So I guess I'll just follow the rules and pass it along. I don't really got the time nor energy to do both the liebster and sunshine awards in different posts so I'll just merge the two together.

The rules for the sunshine awards are these:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it. 
2. Answer the following questions.
  • Favourite Colour: Green 
  • Favourite Animal: Dragons 
  • Favourite Number: 143967 
  • Favourite Drink: CocaColaTM 
  • Facebook or Twitter: Neither 
  • Your passion: Being awesome 
  • Giving or getting presents: Neither 
  • Favourite pattern: ...what? 
  • Favourite day: Friday 
  • Favourite flowers: Dandelion
    3. Pass it on to ten fabulous bloggers and send them a message to let them know.

    And the rules for the liebster award are these:
    1. It should be spread to five bloggers
    2. Thank and link back to the sender
    3. Bloggers followers must be less than 200
    So I'll just nominate my 10 favorites then in no particular order.

    A nice guy with a nice blog. He even drew an awesome picture for me once. Good times.
    Mark is an excellent writer and storyteller. Perhaps even better than me. Truly a blog worth checking out.
     Music and music only here at crazyneo. Well written and enjoyable.
    Sub-radar mike writes about some of the most epic tunes I've ever heard. I don't know how he does it, but he manages to find fresh, new songs almost everyday that's just like mental orgasms. 
    Short enough to be fun to read.

    Well that's good enough for me. Would've added five more blogs but i'm just to damn lazy. But you know, if I comment on your blog, it means i love it ;) Oh, and a special mention to my sister Mathilda. Her blog isn't that good or fun to read. And the pictures are pretty bad. And it's in the wrong language. But hey, at least she's trying! ;)

    In other news: I just cut my hair. By myself. It looks awesome. Over and out.

    Saturday, September 10, 2011

    7 am

    I don't know why i'm up at 7 am. Drank like 70 cl of whiskey yesterday. Or 28 units. And I'm not even feeling that bad. A bit tired tho, so gonna update you guys more later.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    200 pages

    I just read 200 pages in a book. It's been a while since i last read something other than chat text, articles or blogs posted on the internet. I think the last full book I read was the last harry potter one back in 2007. And something I had forgotten is just how easy it is to read. How immersed you become in the book. That for a brief period of time, that book becomes just as real and alive as the world we live in. It's fun to read :)

    In other news, still feeling ill and tired, so this update gonna be pretty short. The words just don't come as easily when you're tired. And the words that does come out, you end up repeating. In fact, this is it. Be well all.

    Oh btw, the book is Duma Key by Stephen king. Love his books.

    Another day, another lesson

    Literally. I think I'm coming down with something, so all I've done today is attend another college class, learning such trivial things such as how to search a database. Like we don't know how to use Google. Came home and more or less slept the rest of the day.

    What is this? I don't even...
    Anywho, going to watch The Adjustment Bureau and get some sleep. Got some group thing tomorrow as well, so I hope I'll sleep off this illness. Be well everyone!

    Saturday, September 3, 2011

    How to make Chili con carne (The Cray way)

    Ok, say that you're sitting infront of your computer. And you fancy some chili with beans in it. Well, fear not, because Cray is here to teach you all how to make it! Cray style! Just a warning thought: I'm not a real cook. And most of my cooking consist of frying different items in very hot oil. So I'm just making this up while I go along.

    Ok, first thing you'll need is some ground beef. And a pot. The pot is quite essential. Now you just take some butter, put it in the pot, heat it until it's fry worthy, and put the meat in there.

    The more the better!
    Stir it around until it looks all good and stuff. You know, like brown. Then it's time for the crushed tomatoes. Just pour it right in there and stir it all around.

    It looks like something died in there.
    Add some spices! And with some, I mean a shitload of spices!

    Remember to stir like the Japanese! Guide here!
    Now all you have to is to wait around 7 minutes. I usually take this time to contemplate on the big mysteries of life. Like why we are alive, how to merge the two theories about relativity and where the fuck my can opener is. 
    A screw driver works just as well
    Seriously, I always loose that thing. Anywho, when your 7 minutes are up, you're probably a much wiser person. This means that it's time to add them beans! 

    Stir them up nicely and let boil for another 3 minutes or so. Try to remember if you forgot something.

    I also added some onions in there. Forgot to mention that. After adding all the stuff we're almost done. Now it's time for some good ol' tasting. Just make sure that the... whatever it is we're making is spicy enough. 

    At first I though it was really okay. But then I remembered that I wasn't a 12 year old girl. So I added some more chili.

    And then even more chili!



    And then you're done! This is about the time you realize that you forgot to put on the rice. Make sure to find another pot and add 3 parts rice to 5 parts water and let it boil for like... forever. Rice takes a really long time to get done. It's not even funny.

    When the rice is all non-crunchy, it's done. Serve and enjoy your food!

    Then remember that you don't even like chili nor beans and go fry up some fries. Server with some sweet & sour sauce in an egg cup. And you're done! For real this time.

    I could eat this 24/7

    Well, that's all from me this evening. Be well.


    Food is expensive. Most of you probably knew that. And so did I. But still, I wanted to put it out there. Bought around 5 kilos of french fries today, and a couple of liters of oil, and it was like $15! That's just too much for some sliced potatoes and something extracted from one of the most abundant plants on the planet. But I bought it anyway. I'm a sucker for fried food. And it'll probably be gone in a week.

    Anywho, other than wasting money on food, I haven't done much today. Woke up with another migraine attack. Took some pills and slept to the afternoon. Went shopping, got home, and mostly spent my time in bed popping more pills.

    So instead of going on about my totally uneventful day, tell me about your day! What did you do today?

    Thursday, September 1, 2011

    Migraine night.

    Contrary to popular belief I do have interest beyond alcohol, sex and drinking said alcohol. And no, it's not drugs. But since it's migraine night for me, and I'm not very good at stringing together sentences right now, I thought that I'd just share some of said interest with you right now!

    First up is This is a site offering some of the funniest articles I've ever encountered on the web. May it be a list of scientific reasons a zombie apocalypse could happen right now or how to improve your efficiency they always crack me up. I guess that's why it's called cracked.

    Next on the list is actually several different sites covering more or less the same thing. Starcraft 2 Live Streams! I'll just make a list of the top the favorites in this genre with a quick explanation to each of them

    1. Destiny. Destiny, or Steven Bonnell, is probably the best streamer out there. Perfect mix of sarcasm and seriousness. Definitively the most fun to watch even thought he plays the wrong race.
    2. Day[9]. A former broodwar top player, now giving fun tips and tactics to all the new players of SC2. He's quite quirky. Just check him out in one of my earlier posts dancing to trumpets here.
    3. PsyStarcraft. Real fun to listen to, especially when he trolls or rages, but in a fun way.
    And the last thing I'm going to link to is xkcd. It's a web comic with stick figures. Probably one of the best web comics there is. It's like... no I can't explain it. xkcd is something you'll have to experience for yourself.

    Well that's all from me this evening. I'm going to get some sleep so I don't need to think about my head any more. Besides, I got college classes like 9 am tomorrow. I haven't been up that early for ages. Be well everyone.