Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to make an instagram filter in Photoshop.

It's kinda hard to admit, but I've always thought that photos run through the instagram app for them iPhones and what not looks kinda cool. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I actually grew up during the time of analog photos. Cross processing was a thing back then as well. It was actually when you used one type of chemical solution to develop the wrong kind of film.

This was more often than not purely by accident but sometimes, if you were lucky, you'd actually get pretty cool results.

Anywho, since I don't own an iPhone, I don't own an analog camera anymore and my digital camera doesn't really support being dropped in chemicals I had to figure out how to do this in Photoshop. Turns out, it's not so hard. So here goes it!

First you do is open the photo you want to "Instagram". I'm going to use a self shot of my self, taken half naked in front of a mirror, just to give it that whole Facebook/blogger feel. The camera used was a Canon PowerShot A2200 installed with the CHDK hack.

Next thing you have to do is make a new adjustment layer. Pick Curves...

This should give you a new layer like so.

Click on the white square thingie to the left on the new layer and It'll bring up the curves.

Now you have four different curves. Just drag them so that they correspond to the curves in the next pictures. The black curve should be slightly adjusted as well.

And that's it really. Enjoy your new "cross processed" image. Here's how mine turned out in all of its 14 megapixel beauty.

If you click it, it's probably larger than your screen.

And yes, this whole post was just a silly excuse to post pictures of myself on my blog.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Best essay ever

Some guy I know was complaining over the fact that he had to write some kind of essay for school. It had to include all kinds of stuff, like some life story bullshit and talking to a waiter and what not. So I said to him, I said: "I'll just write it for you." And I did. Then I felt like sharing it with you guys, so here it is.

My name is Name Mc. Nameson and I'm XX years old. I've lived quite the uneventful life. I'm not to say that it has been boring, or even bad, but it hasnt been so much eventful either. I was born in a town called "my town" and more or less lived there my whole life. We've moved around a couple of times, my family and I, but never had any real changes. 
I remember this one time i went to a restaurant thought. A shabby little asian resturant in the outskirts to town. It didn't look like much but the food was pretty decent. And it was cheap. One day they had a new waiter tho, who was a bit strange. Our conversation went something like this: Waiter: "What you order?" to which I responded: "Fish filet." 
As soon as i said "fish filet" the waiter got this blank stare on his face. He litteraly just stared at me for around 20 seconds. And then i heard it. The music. It didn't seem to come from anywhere and yet it came from everywhere at once. The waiter stepped back a couple of feet and started screaming "WHAT SHE ORDER? FISH FILET!" over and over again. I was starting to freak out at this point. 
After he waiter had repeated the phrase about nine or ten times, the chef came out and wondered what was going on. He tried talking to the waiter who was still screaming. Even though he waiter had started of screaming with full force, it seemed like he was getting louder and louder every time he opened his mouth. I was frozen in my seat just watching in horror. The chef was shaking him now, also screaming, with fear starting to show more and more in his eyes. 
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING? STOP! TING XIALAI! LIJI TINGZHI!" he screamed. Everthing after that was in chinese. I decided that it was it was time for me to leave. 
I didn't actually have a tab since I hadn't ordered anything yet but i decided to leave a tenner anywho. I felt sorry for the chef that had to deal with this unatural behavior. I promptly left the resturant after that. Door slamming behind me with that distinctive bell sound those restaurants always use I could faintly hear someone say "Thank you! Please come again!" Perhaps it was my imagination. I never went there again thought.

I hope he gets an A.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gotye - Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra

Goty himself decided to make a remix of a shitload of different covers and remixes of his song "Sombody that I used to know". It sounds pretty cool. Not something I'd have playing on repeat but for a one time watch it's pretty damn cool.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


First of all I'd like to apologize for my lack of posts recently. The reason for my disappearance is no other than AirMech.

AirMech is a top down real time strategy game. Well, it's more of a tactical game really, resembling the likes of DoTA, HoN, LoL etc. But those don't have anything on AirMech. Airmech is faster, more challenging, has better controls and you drive a jet that can transform into a mecha which shoots lasers. Lasers!

It's really a re-imagination of the game Herzog Zwei which came out for the SEGA Genesis back in 1989. So if you're my age you might even remember the pre-cursor to this game. Either case, It's awesome, and you should try it.

You can find it over at Carbon Games. And it's free. There's both a PC and a Chrome (the web browser) version on there. I recommend getting the PC version thought. The Chrome version got some FPS issues.

Download Now!