Sunday, November 30, 2014

Potatocoin: Plant some now and watch them grow!

New and wildly fascinating Potatocoin has seen a small growth spurt as it got introduced on the C-Cex market. Once a small and obscure coin is now one of the most traded currency, in terms of volume, on many of the alt-coin exchanges.

What Potatocoin is lacking in its technical innovation, with it being a standard X11 coin with a standard wallet, it makes up for with its altruistic properties. A whopping 50% of the coin has been premined in benefit of impoverished African farmers.  Potatocoin has a very detailed outline on how, when, and why this premine will be used as detailed on both their website and its whitepaper. With promises of establishing a legal NPO in the country of Sweden and helping to build infrastructure in Africa from the ground up, this coin could just about be the most humane alt-coin out there.


Monday, November 24, 2014

Bitcoiners, stop worrying about everything!

I found a good piece about bitcoiners and the fact that they worry too much. It's a nice article and worht the read. Source:

Working in the Bitcoin world is like working for a drug addict with bipolar disorder. There are brief periods of astonishing, irrational exuberance followed by long periods of deep existential dread over basically nothing. During the good times, nothing can damage Bitcoin’s spirit. But for most of the time, bitcoiners are a bunch of namby-pamby worry-warts who wet their pants over everything.

The Bitcoin world is neurotic in the way that fear dominates it. If there is not enough merchant adoption to satisfy them, they worry about hoarding and a liquidity crunch. If there is too much, they worry about downward selling pressure. If Bitcoin adoption happens too quickly, they complain about volatility and bubbles, and if it happens too slowly, they complain that no one cares about Bitcoin. If the financial world ignores Bitcoin, people worry that people are not interested, and if it pays attention, people worry about regulation.

I find it unbelievable how consistently the Bitcoiners reinterpret everything good as some kind of problem. The Silk Road is bad for Bitcoin’s image, as if Bitcoin needs to worry about image. Bitcoin’s volatility—a reflection of its extraordinarily rapid growth—is seen as something that will make Bitcoin unrespectable. Bad press of any kind is feared, when with Bitcoin there is almost no such thing as bad press.

Every month or two, a new crisis emerges. Mt Gox dies and it’s going to destroy Bitcoin. China bans Bitcoin and it’s going to destroy Bitcoin. A mining pool gets too much hashing power and it’s going todestroy Bitcoin! Every so often a new supervillain jumps up from under a rock. Not long ago, Mike Hearn was going to destroy Bitcoin. with redlists and Then there was the legion of evil behindCoinValidation, who wants to track all Bitcoin users. Recently Ben Lawsky has emerged as the latest moustache-twirler out to destroy Bitcoin with his bitlicense superweapon.

The idea that anyone could ban Bitcoin is a joke. Any attempt to do so would be monumental hubris. As if the police are somehow going to stop people from carrying private keys around and connecting to the internet. Bitcoin is too useful for people to worry about whether it is legal or not, and it is alsotoo useful for government agents to put a serious effort into trying to stop it.

You know what’s going to destroy Bitcoin? Nothing, that’s what. Maybe a nuclear war or a giant meteor could do it, but not much else. The problem with Bitcoiners is that they think Bitcoin is fragile when it is really antifragile. It is no coincidence that Bitcoin keeps surviving every crisis. It survives because it is immortal.

As long as there is profit to be made in the Bitcoin network, Bitcoin will mow down attackers. For every outside force which threatens Bitcoin, there are many internal forces building the tools required to counter it. These countermeasures aren’t necessarily always visible in the news, but everyone in Bitcoin has the incentive to protect their investment, and therefore has the incentive to develop tools to counter any problem. The sum effect of all these invisible innovators is that Bitcoin acts like an aikido master to deflect and absorb the forces that act against it.

This all requires a little bit of faith to keep in mind because one has to believe in something that is not always visible, based on the rational expectation of its existence. But this is not so different from ordinary life: we know that the news gives us a biased sample of reality and we know that we must pay attention to what is seen and unseen. The only difference is how extreme the Bitcoin world is, how much pure FUD there is everywhere, both innocent and deliberate. This has to do with the fact that the Bitcoin economy changes so rapidly in scope and nature, that it is difficult to keep up with what is real and easy to get away with telling falsehoods.

Bitcoiners, take a chill pill. Any time something happens, think to yourself, “How likely is it anything happening now is going to matter a month from now?” The answer will nearly always be “not at all”. You are sitting on perhaps the most wonderful secret one might expect to find in this mundane world and yet you can’t find a moment of contentment. Sit back, close the web browser, have a nice glass of wine, and then take a long nap.

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Best dogecoin faucet

This Dogecoin faucet is from the same creators that made! It got one of the best Dogecoin payouts I've seen on the internet and it's worth the effort to check out if you're all about dogecoin faucets! Just like any other faucet it bases its revenue on ads. So if you have problems collecting, make sure to turn off your adblock.

After doing a quick comparison, considering that dogecoin is around 55 - 60 sats atm, moondoge pays out significantly more than

If you guys have any other faucets to recommend, make sure to leave a commend down below and I'll do my best to write a review of it! Until then, TO THE MOON!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The official potatocoin song!

This is now the official Potatocoin anthem!

Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another bitcoin faucet: btc25 - up to 25 dollars a try!

This Bitcoin faucet lets you test your luck every 25 minutes! It's kind of like a small lottery except that you never have to pay anything for the tickets since it's ad supported!

Click here for the site!

It's not the best bitcoin faucet out there, but it's good clean fun! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Potatocoin SPUDS new bounty list!

Potatocoin (SPUDS) just updated their bounty list! And it's a big update as well! If you're good at music, photoshop, or just writing then make sure to check it out. Hell, they even give you a nice bounty for translating over the ANN into a lot of different languages.

Anywho, the bounties, at the time of writing, are as follows: 
Faucets: 5000

Exchange: 200 000

Convincing an exchange to add PotatoCoin: 15 000

Secondary block explorers: 25 000

Articles: 15 000
+ Translations of articles: 5 000
+ Getting someone to write about Potatocoin: 2 500

Blog posts 500+ words: 2 000
+Translations of blog posts: 750

Videos to be used on and other promotional venues: 1 000 - 50 000
(Depending on quality, time and effort put into the work)

Opening up a shop OR adapting potatocoin as currency in an existing shop: 50 000
+ Convincing an existing shop to start using Potatocoin: 5 000

+ Potatocoin coin logo made well enough to replace the old one: 50 000
+ Promotional images to be used on and other promotional venues: 5 000 - 50 000
(Depending on quality, time and effort put into the work)

Paper wallet site
+ First paper wallet site: 15 000
+ Secondary paper wallet sites: 10 000

Paper wallet designs: 5 000 - 50 000
(Depending on quality, time and effort put into the work)

Chinese ANN translation: 15 000
Russian ANN translation: 15 000
Korean ANN translation: 15 000
Indonesian ANN translation: 15 000
Spanish ANN translation: 15 000
German ANN translation: 15 000
Greek ANN translation: 15 000
Hebrew ANN translation: 15 000
French ANN translation: 15 000
Indian ANN translation: 15 000
Polish ANN translation: 15 000
Portugese ANN translation: 15 000
Romanian ANN translation: 15 000
Swedish ANN translation: 15 000
Turkisk ANN translation: 15 000

Gaming tournaments: 5 000 - 100 000 spuds depending on the size of the tournament and popularity of the game.

So as you can see there seems to be something for everyone out there. Make sure you join the delicious SPUDS revolution today!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The best Bitcoin faucet out there!

I only use one bitcoin faucet really, and that's Not just for the free satoshis it give but also as a sort of timer. You see it has this nifty feature so that you can see the bitcoins accumulating at the top of your browser without you even having to be on the site. So if you're looking for a good bitcoin faucet, make sure to check out moonbit!


Since I'm all about cryptocurrencies nowadays, I'll just start writing about cryptocurrencies! Expect to see many more news about cryptocurrencies and also coin information and investment advice in the future!