Thursday, August 18, 2011

I'm not dead.

Just checking in to say that I'm not dead. I know i haven't made a new post for a couple of day. But fear not! I'm in the process of working on one now! It's just that it took a little longer than I would have imagined. It's currently 1:40 am and I really have to get some sleep. And I can't tell too much about the post I'm working on without giving anything away. But I can say that it involves a lot of badly taken pictures of me. So tune in tomorrow to see one of my most narcissistic, yet informative, blog post yet!

Be well.


  1. lol well it's good to know you're still alive :) I look forward to whatever it is you're going to put up tomorrow, I need some sleep too myself.

  2. dont worry take your time for everything you need,good luck

  3. Wait, badly taken digital photos, is there such a thing?

  4. well too =))
    looking for your post tomorrow =))

  5. we will judge if the pictures are badly ;D


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