Saturday, August 27, 2011


So last night went exactly as planned. I drank some scotch, some beer, some bourbon and similar things. Managed to get VIP somewhere there in the mist. Got down to the club and got even drunker.

So there's that. I've described enough of my drunken adventures for you guys to get the picture. Something that's been bothering me all day thought, except for my hangover that is, is that it's 2011 and we still don't got any of those cool things we saw in hacker movies. Like 3D file managers, holograms, awesome technomusic every time you do something on the computer or laser swords. Not sure how laser swords fit in there but I want them. Something I don't want from them movies thought, which they seem to love, is terminal programs. God those were just awful.

No mouse support? WHAT IS THIS MADNESS?
And last but not least. My cigarette bending trick. But instead of just telling you how to do it I was thinking that I'd make it more of a game. I'll show you what the result looks like and the first one to figure out how I do it gets an honorable mention on my blog.

It's all bendy and smokable!
Not the best picture I know, but you get the... picture. Heh, I need to learn more words. Cray out


  1. A wizard did it.

    I know how to make a cigarette explode while someone is smoking it. Fun for you but not for them. But don't really know how to bend one besides, well, bending it, but that's hardly magic. It's like eating something and saying you used magic to make it disappear.

    I want laser swords too.

  2. So you're a scotch drinker, eh? A tip of my hat to you!

  3. Scotch, beer, and bourbon all in one sitting. Sounds pretty disgusting to me, but I hope you enjoyed it!

  4. @Scrubby Bear: wasn't really one sitting. I had some scotch before i left. Some beer on the way there. Some more scotch at the party, because i don't really care much for beer. And then more liqour at the club. So the beer was more like a filler thing on the road.

  5. Are you a wizard? That's my only explanation.

  6. haha, jag jag har aldrig sagt att jag e speciellt normal haha

  7. I'd say you put a paperclip or something bendable like that into the tobacco to hold it all together.

  8. i took me a while to realize that this was noteworthy (i don't smoke). does it have to do with heating up one side?

  9. A friend of mine does the same thing by licking the cigarette. Apparently a wet cigarette can bend much more than a dry one.


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