Sunday, August 14, 2011

Q&A - The Answers!

Well, since I didn't want to make a big blog due to typing on a bloody laptop, I decided that I'd do a Q&A. What i failed to remember is that i get like a bazillion comments per post. So... yeah. I better get started if I want to be done sometime this night. Naa, I jest, I love doing this :D

Ok, lets line them up.

Jay Smith asks:
What are you going to school for?

We'll that's a very broad question. Or perhaps not. I'm taking economics I am. I like to think that it's because I want a degree. But the fact that I'm way too lazy for a real job so school seems like a good substitute.

ThingsYouWant ask:
Question about Sweeden: How much does the average education costs over there? (University) Thanks!

This was an easy one. It's free. It used to be free for foreigners as well, but they changed that last year. Still free for us sweds tho. In fact, the state actually pays us to study. It's not much but still, it's something.

FeurFenix asks:
Sorry to hear about moving back, I hope stuff works out. Since others already asked about what you are studying and the cost of college- What is the best part of living in Sweden? and the worst?

This must be one of the harder questions. The best thing about Sweden is probably the cheap internet. The only country, in the world, that got better internet connectivity than us is the South Koreans. We also got a pretty decent welfare system. It's really frigging hard to become truly homeless in Sweden. I remember quote saying something like "Sweden takes care of their citizens from the cradle to the grave." The worst thing about Sweden is the insanely high taxes and the general socialistic thinking. We're as close you can get to a working communist society without everything going to hell. Oh, and people are reeeaaalllyyyy unsocial on buses. Totally freak out if you sit next to them. It's crazy.

Allebanna asks:
Well at least you like your parents enough to move back in with them. What do you think it'll be like to live with them? How's this drinking weekends going to be now that you're with them again.

Well, since i managed to get a whole room to myself, and it's right next to the entrance, I don't think it'd be much of a problem really. It's just my mom really, so it had probably been better if I'd written "parent" instead of "parents". Doubt I'll see much of her anywho. And I think going back to school will have a bigger influence on my drinking habits than anything else. I don't like drinking when I got responsibilities and stuff :)

Mai Yang asks:
whoa. haha! that's okay. ^__^
hmmm..I don't have questions in mind but if I may request, can you give me post like "100 facts" about you? :D

Haha, a hundred facts... I doubt I even know a hundred things about myself. Besides, if I did that, I don't think i'd have anything more to blog about in my future posts. I'd like to keep some things about myself a mystery ^_^;;

thetruthaboutGENETICS asks:
What do you think of Finns?

I wouldn't want to fight a war against them.

JDC asks:
Is the chocolate better in Sweden?

No, it's about the same.

Inverse asks:
Something's been bugging me about Sweden. I saw a statistic saying it's like the second fattest country in the world. Is it true? Because I find it hard to believe.

I've never actually heard this one before. I know we got an XXL store down town, but I've never seen anyone enter it. But then again, I got this filter in my brain, so that I can't see ugly people. I really can't. My reality consist of good looking people and shadows.

Diego Sousa asks:
are the sweedish girls really that hot as we see in pics and movies? =D

Sweden is like any other country. We got hot chicks and less hot chicks. Our less hot chicks is about as hot as normal hot chicks in other countries thought. And I can't see the ugly ones, so it's all good for me. ;)

Well I do believe that's all of the questions. Now I'm off to light a glorious cigarette and ponder on the wonderful thing called life. Be well.


  1. Hehe good post. Like I said before I really like Sweden but couldn't think of a question. I guess the high tax rates are what is responsible for the great welfare system. There's not much wrong with being a bit socialist, it's just that most people are out to look after just themselves. Expect me to get arrested some time soon for being an evil commie though.

  2. keep on the work you put in your blog :)

  3. Interesting learning all sorts of things about you!

  4. Lol you see beautiful people and shadows :P

  5. I love this kind of blogging!! following!!!

  6. xD! You answered one of my questions!!!!

    I feel like a schoolgirl.

  7. Pretty awesome post I actually felt like I learned more about you :)

  8. great stuff. sounds like sweeden has their act together when it comes to looking out for their up and coming generations.

  9. Why do your comments show up as spam on my blog? You have great comments.

  10. great post. I'm gonna grab a smoke too. :)

  11. whoa! hahaha! okay,okay..^_^
    mystery huh? ^_^

  12. there are lots of ugly girls here in germany, but the real beautiful ones are gorgeous!

  13. Damn even Canada has no free education after High School/Secondary. We just get a loan of somesort. I only look at girls who has those personalities I want and has a cute face and stuff. Other girls are just friends, Like Bros or something.

  14. Now I know a lot more about you!
    Long live Sweeden! (and i thought Canada was good!)

  15. It was interesting to read this. :D

  16. This was a really interesting post. I feel like I know you better now. Most posts like this! Maybe make it a weekly thing?

    Check out my math blog.

  17. Nice question Diego haha!


  18. Love the Q&A bit! I might have to try it!


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