Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just a normal night

July 16 16:02

What the fuck? I just woke up, in a somewhat trashed suit, with my pink shirt covered in something that looks very similar to dried blood. Doesn't seem to be my blood tho because I'm totally void of cuts and bruises. Doesn't seem to my shirt either due to the simple fact that I've never owned a pink shirt in my entire life. It's true that i could have bough a shirt in my intoxicated state but that wouldn't explain the blood nor that it's three sizes to big.

But the clothes isn't my biggest concern. New clothes is almost a standard when i go on a drinking crusade nowadays. No, my concern is that there's four and a half pound of grass lying on my coffee table. And there is no way in hell that i could have afford that since my bank balance was roughly $ 3.49 yesterday. Give or take a cent. So I got a trashed suit, a bloodstained shirt and a shitload of weed. Not to mention the splitting headache and a stop sign lying in my living room.

I hope I don't get shot.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 14 03:00

Well I woke up today, about one hour and two minutes before sunrise, and found that I'm out of cold beers. While quickly adapting to the problem, filling the fridge with a dozen or so cans of lukewarm Heineken, I come to the devastating realisation that I'm going to have to be sober for about an hour or so before they get cold. Either that or be drinking warm beer which to me is just as bad. Maybe i should stop engulfing these mind numbing, liverkilling alcoholic beverages before they kill me both pshycialy and physicaly.

We'll see.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Gold has no taste.

Gold doesn't have any taste. It's not like tin, copper or even silver which all have a very distinctive taste.