Saturday, September 9, 2017

The friend that never was

"How come you went awol?" he said confused. He was not used to this kind of situation.

Sure. friends comes and goes. But there's usually a reason to it. A fight, a disagreement. Or the simple fact that you had different goals in life and simply just grew apart .But those are reason you usually see coming. But a person simply vanishing from your life without any warning or trace was something that just didn't happen. At least not to him.

But he actually got a response. Which was something he also didn't expect from someone who’s been as astray as snowflakes in the Sahara desert. In July. For months.

“I was meaning to call you all week. I’ve just been so swamped with everything” she said. Which was obviously a lie judging by the tone. “I’m free this weekend thought! And I got so much to tell you about! My new business idea… My new...”  She went on and on.

That’s when he realized it. They never were friends, were they? That’s why the normal warning signs you usually see before you have your big diverge were never there. The person he was talking with had always been a stranger. Like that person you have to sit next to on a full buss. Put together by accident due to fact that there were nowhere else to sit.

And when it’s your stop you simply get off and go on with your life. That was what this was. What this had always been. Two strangers that just happened talk to with each other for a minute before it was over.

Thus our friendship had never been broken for the simple sad fact that it had never even begun.

And with that realization he deleted her number and never heard from her again. As it should be with two passengers that just happened to share the same seat.


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