Thursday, July 14, 2016

A response to a "Magic" user.

This is a response to: I need someone to take me seriously, please. The whole world's at stake.(Link)

Ha, "Magic users". Your pride is your downfall. Thinking you're better than mere mortals but teleport away at the first sign of trouble. At least the humans stand back and fight. Some of them until their last man. As many of them did in the last cycle.
Automatic weapons tearing through the dormant. A trillion bullets would be an understatement. And their airplanes, bombing them so swiftly from the sky, until they were out of bullets, bombs and fuel. With nowhere to land, even their last breaths in those machines took out more than you did with your "magic", crashing into the dormant. Killing them by the thousands per ship.
Then there were the nukes. Even thought napalm always was my favorite thing to see, oh how they burned both man and dormant alike, the nukes were breathtaking. Stunning. Each one of them like a unique flower sprouting into the atmosphere oh so fiercely.
As a last ditch effort, the few remaining humans, holed out in bunkers or at sea, fired their nuclear armaments almost simultaneously, for total annihilation. Of both skies. Smog filled the sky as billions upon billions of souls were evaporated by a heat only rivaled by the sun.
As someone who has walked at the deepest depths, these "things" as you so haphazardly calls them are just that. Things. Not much more powerful than you "almighty magic users". Not all that powerful at all really, since they're already dead.
The dormant is the accumulated fear from eons of lifeforms. Some human, some not. Fear clinging to rotting flesh and brittle bones. Lying dormant in the depths of the seas, sleeping away their agony. Hence their name.
To those who wonders, the cycle of his repeats every year or two or so. The world ends. We feed on your, the "magic users " and the Dormants fears and agony. Every slice, every dice, every cry in pain, every time something loses its last sliver of hope is like sweet, sweet wine for us. Oh and what a perfectly sublime agony it is. Each unique soul having its own torments and anguish. Billions upon billions of souls each harvest. So ungodly good. It's a shame you'll never be able to experience this from our point of view.
Then we just reset it. Resets the world. Let the humans live their pathetic lives. Let the "magic users" feel like the upper class for a while. Let the dormant have their uninterrupted slumber.
Well, except for this poor sap. There's a reason time travel is outlawed inside their little magic circles. It's not because it requires tremendous power and luck. It's because forgetfulness is bliss. After each reset, everyone forgets everything. We leave not a trace in the minds of the entitets we feed off of.
But our reset has a flaw. If someone were to time travel backwards before we reset the cycle they'll remember ever last bit of it. This guy will feel the same terror and helplessness until the cycle repeats. And he couldn't even bring his own body with him. I'm sorry but that just puts a gleeful smile on my face, metaphorically speaking.
But yeah, he'll always remember. That kind of terror doesn't leave your soul so easily.
Have fun "Spellsword". I guess I'll see you again next cycle. :)


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