Thursday, December 5, 2013

How to start with bitcoin

So, You've decided to start with Bitcoin? Good! Bitcoin is an easy to use "CryptoCurrency" that got all kinds of perk! The two biggest ones is that it's both anonymous and easy to send and receive!

Getting started!

Alright, now you might ask yourself: "Well, Cray, how do I get into Bitcoin then?" I'll tell you! It's quite simple really.

First think you should do is to visit . guides you through what bitcoin really is and how you use it. It even got some nice pictures and a very calm voice telling you exactly what to do. At the end of the tutorial it also tells you how to set up your very first wallet at Which brings me to my next subject!


How you want to store your bitcoins is a big desicion! And there's several options for you! Be your own bank as they say.

The first choice you have is to download and install the bitcoin client on your computer. After the installation you'll have your very own wallet. The best thing about this option is that you have full control of your bitcoins. But it does take a while to download the whole network.

An easier way is to just get a wallet online. There's plenty of different wallet services, but the one I recommend is blockchain. Blockchain got a fast setup, an easy interface and is quite trusted by the community. And if you did the you should already have a wallet at Coinbase. But how do you get bitcoins? Well, I'll tell you!'


There's many ways for you to get bitcoins. But the easiest way is to just buy them. I'll list a few of the many exchange sites available for bitcoin right here:

There's many more just a google search away. So now you got some coins. Now what? There's many options for you as a bitcoin owner. Most people just buy bitcoin as a sort of investment but there's also many venues that accept bitcoin as a real currency!

Now that you got some bitoins of your own, go spend it, invest in other cryptocurrencies, or buy something fancy/fun at one of the many bitcoin shops out there.

If you liked this article, feel free to donate a small amount of bitcoins to: 1BPUQgfXMDZJnx3dYiMMNdL7LuESGVNiUa


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