Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dat shit Cray - The story

First of all, I apologize for this update being so late. It took some time and effort to translate and text and video and I've been busy with other stuff. But here it is!

Since the bender spawned over three days I'm jut going to break it up into several pieces and bring up the most fun stuff that happened.


My thursday started out like any other thursday. Was sitting in school and preparing for some presentation/opposition thing. And with "preparing" I mean "Did shit null and winged the whole thing". Anywho, some girls showed up with a flyer about a student party at one of the local clubs. Some of the girls in my group showed interest and I was like "Hell, why not?" So we decided to have a pre-party, or pregaming as some of you might call it, at one of the girls.

I was the only guy there. I think this was the first time in my life that I went to a girls only pre-party. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun, but it was a new experience for me. I don't think I've ever heard so much talk about relationship stuff and other girl stuff in my entire life. But yeah, it was fun. Only thing I can complain about is that they made me drink my whiskey from a plastic cup. It felt so wrong. So, so wrong.

Anywho, we go to the club around 11 pm or so, and my plan was not to drink as much since I had plans both for friday and saturday. Those plans went out the window when I realized that a beer and a shot was less than 10 bucks. So I drank, danced and had a good time. Got home around 2:30 am or so.


Woke up around 9 am, hung over like a bitch, and headed out to college for some group meeting we had. And for some reason I was the only one hung over like a bitch. I think girls got some kind of magic super power that doesn't make them feel the pain of drinking the day after.

I get through the day without dying, and get over my hangover just in time for us to start drinking again. Still had a couple of beer, and half a bottle of scotch, so all I had to do was to take a quick shower and hop on a bus over to my friends house. The pre-party there was quite calm for our standards. But it was still something I was more used to. We had some friendly shit talking, drank some, and took a cab down town. Me and my mate decided to go over to a pub, and I was in a great mood.

A couple of things happened in the pub. The layout of the place is that there's a small bar just at the entrance, with maybe 10 seats total. Then there's a staircase up to the main area. So we get there, order a couple of beer, and I asked a couple of girls in the bar to settle an argument between me and my friend about what's cooler in a rock band: Violin or keyboard. They went with violin, I won the argument, we got our beers and headed up stairs.

One the way up the stairs a random cute girls stops me and ask if I want a shot. I'm like "Sure :)" and she hands over this ice cold mintuu shot. So that's the second win of the evening. Then we noticed that the place was packed with people. Like, people everywhere. So it was "meh, dart time!"
Dat shit Dart

Shooed away some bums sitting at the dart area and then I proceeded to own my friend. Total score: 3-1.

Almost closing time, decided to try hit up some girls, so we stand on the balcony smoking and I was like "how about those two?" My mate was like "sure" and I headed over there. And then I burst out in an uncontrollable laughter. Friend thought that they dissed me or something, and then he looks over to the girls and starts to laugh himself. The reason? One of the "girls" was a dude with long hair.

Laughed and drank some more until closing time.


Hangover. Again. But that didn't matter because it was POKER NIGHT! Chilled about a bit until I met up with my mates at our local cigar shop. You can't play poker without cigars and whiskey. And funniest thing happened here.

So we were standing outside the cigar shop, withdrawing some cash from an ATM, when this black guy runs past out fast as hell. And we went "wtf?" Seconds later a cop screams "STOP THAT THIEF!" It was like we were in the middle of a movie.

And I'm just going to paint you a picture here. Imagine a guy standing with an umbrella. He's kind of short, got proper clothes on him and seems cool as a cucumber. This is my friend Dodo.

So he's standing there with the umbrella, got this puzzled look on his face for a couple of seconds. Then he proclaims "Imma get him!", throws the umbrella, and runs after the thief. The rest of us went "wtf?" again.

He comes back after like 20 minutes and it turns out that he actually caught the thief. But somewhere in between he started running and he caught him, he had the realization that "Wait a minute, I don't like cops." So he looks at the thief, who had dropped all the stuff and was just standing there, says "run" and lets him go. Then he takes the stuff he stole and returned it to the police. It was like a sheet and a blanket.

Dat shit poker table
With all that out of the way, we got our whiskey and our cigars and headed over to a friends place. Set the whole thing up, poker table, placements, chip counting, two deck of fresh cards and some nice blues/jazz music.

Every chip is worth at least $100
The night proceeded as planned and we had a great time. At the end of the night I was down $10 but it was totally worth it. I mean, the whiskey alone was like $50.

Cool picture of Cray? Priceless!
Like I said earlier this post, one of the reasons this post took so long to get up, is because we translated and subbed a video from the night. Just so you guys get a feel of the atmosphere we had. So here it is!

You can see the rumored door from one of my earlier post at 4:09

And I guess that's it. Be well y'all.


  1. Dude, it was an awesome weekend =)

  2. You should have got with the guy with long hair. It's not gay if you didn't realise until morning. That was a cooler weekend than I'll probably ever have.

  3. Haha almost seems like a Swedish version of The Hangover. But were is Mike Tyson and a tiger?

  4. lol I like the part where your friend caught him and then let him go. catch and release program

  5. Looks like you had much fun with your friends!

  6. So you have hang over everyday? :D

  7. Hej tävlingen om e-ciggen är avslutad, du hittar vinnaren & en ny tävling där du kan vinna en kors ring här: kram :D

  8. your language sounds interesting ^_^ hope you had fun on your long party-hungover-party-hungover weekend ^____^

  9. Nothing like some drinks and some poker.

  10. gotta love playing poker, such a great game

  11. Poker and drinks FTW :) Got to talk to the boys to organize a poker night too (soon).

  12. I have a fascination with this type of game, really teaches you something you can't learn day by day

  13. I am so glad there's a translation :) you guys are awesome but your appearance in the video was so quick I almost didn't notice you at all, but since I played it again..there you are! haha! and nice poker table you have there. ^_^ thanks for sharing :)

    re your comment: what's up? nothing much :D next time I'll share my Baguio photos with you guys. have fun and nice party with girls :D

    xoxo <3

  14. I'm envious of you, what I wouldn't do to go out drinking instead of studying.

  15. poker ftw, i need to get back in the game

  16. Men, u look like gunther in the picture lol

  17. Yeah, I agree with you Anonymous

  18. I crave a poker table like that. Looks like loads of fun

  19. lol, random dude jakin off on the bed..... wtf.
    not sure if you have seen the hangover, but yea.... this sounds familiar

  20. Damn! Dude with long hair! Thats funny! Did he look girly?

  21. It was indeed a never ending party :D It was cool to read what you've been up to. Oh, and I love Poker!

  22. DAT SHIT DART !!!!! HAHAA I love it Made me lol HARD I love your post cray Keep these awesome stories coming

  23. The GOOD LIFE! yeah!


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