Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bathroom surpise

So I was going to the kitchen just recently. Was going to get some food to settle my upset stomach after another night of heavy drinking. And then I notice one of my cats standing completely still, watching the bathroom, like he's in predator mode. And I'm like "wtf?" and go to check out what he's staring so intensely at.  I get into the bathroom and can't identify anything abnormal in there. And then something HUGE and FLYING came at me like a fucking death projectile. And it scared the shit out of me. The flying thing of terror continued its flight into the rest of the apartment where it narrowly avoided death by cat. It took about 15 minutes to get it into safety and released. Fun stuff.
Just look at those claws!
In other news, had some fun yesterday, but that'll have to wait until I find the photos/videos of it. But I can give you some spoilers and say that a lot of alcohol, and a tattoo machine, was involved.


  1. oh my! how many cats do you have?

    it wasn't sound fun to me. glad that flying creature went out alive from your apartment =)

    poor creature.

    teach your cat to be hospitable sometimes. haha!

    go get that photos and videos now!!! LOL ^_^

  2. I thought you couldn't get a tattoo while drunk anymore. I've never really encountered something big that flies around the house and wasn't invited, maybe the cats scare them off.

  3. It's weird how birds are so normal when they're outside yet so terrifyingly frantic and weird when they're inside.

  4. really strange :D but cool story!

  5. I bet all your cats where so excited when the bird flew around in the house. XD
    And when you let it out, they where like "NOOOOOOO!!!!"

  6. im still shocked by the bird picture! its great


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