Friday, February 12, 2010

Best moment of my life.

How come the best moments in life is almost always the most spontaneous onces? It popped up in my head while i was watching the latest episode of Skins. My greatest moment.

Now don't get me wrong. I've done many great things in my life. Well at least I think they're great but most others would probably think they're silly, childish or just plain stupid. But it's the memories i remember the most.

I'll give you a few examples:

I've climbed an abandoned four story building, positioned nicely on a hill, just to see the skyline of my city better. A most wonderful view by the way. It was in the summer afternoon, and the setting sun from the west just gave everything a perfect glow. The rooftops of the buildings, the crowns of the trees, the shadows they created. It was a perfect skyline.

I've walked across the railings of a bridge. Doesn't sound so impressive, I know, but it was great non the less. The bridge in question positioned over a small river running through my hometown. Pitch black and rather shallow. They say it gets its color from all the nourishment around it. The bridge itself was about 10 meters high in the middle i suppose. That's about 30 feet for you yanks. A small feat but the rush, my God, the rush was enormous.

The list goes on. But my most wonderful moment, the one that I'll always remember the most, is this one.

Picture a beach. It's late, but the sun is still up, about an hour or so before it sets completely. On the beach there's this small wooden dock. On this beach there's two persons. Me and a girl I happened to fancy at the time. We walked along it, just chatting about some random stuff, until we got to the end. Stood there for a time, first looking out on the view, and then at each other before we kissed. Now, this, as you can image, is already a pretty good damn memory. Lake view. We had the skyline of the city, with the sun going down behind it, at one side and the sunglistering water stretching out to the forests on the other. And we stood there, alone, kissing. But here is why it's not just a great memory, but the greatest.

Just after the kiss i picked up my cellphone from my pocket and gave it to her. I remember she got this kind of puzzled look on her face. But before she had time to react or actually have time to think about why i gave her my phone I leaned backwards. I could feel my self tipping over, and when i was about halfway, I stretched out my arms and looked up on the sky.

And the feeling at that moment, just when my feet left the dock and before I hit the water, I felt completely free. Just for a split second.

Then of course, my whole body hit the water at the same time. It was a rather hard impact, because of the dock being like 1.5 meters above sea level, and the water was freezing cold. But it was worth it.

And that's it. And oh, she told me I was "fucking crazy". Roughly translated of course.


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