Friday, July 17, 2009


Mindmaps sucks. I've never understood the use of them. What can a mindmap achive that normal listing can't? Excpet from confusing you and others who read them.

I always hated when we had to go thru them at school when you where forced to make them in some assigments. It's like saying "Here, that this list of facts, spread them out and put pretty colors to them so it get harder to read!" It's even worse if you have to cover some larger subject, putting stupid circles and lines, and run out of paper. What are you suppose to do then? Take a new paper and make really long lines? Tape two papers and tape them togheter? I, for one, do not go around carrying tape on me. Hell, I barely remembered to bring a pen to most of my classes. So what i end up doing is making smaller and smaller circles with smaller text. And the mind automatically thinks that smaller things are less important. When reviewing the text a couple of weeks later that's not really ideal. You go over the large circles you wrote first and then try to decipher the smaller ones until you give up and do some drugs and defaults to the learning book.

No, I've always though the best way to learn something is to list it, read it and then read it again. Preferably mixed with the aid of some ritalin.


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