Friday, November 7, 2008

Why won't you all just die.

Why won't you all just die.

Not really, i'm just being bored and typing away. I've been spending the week fixing up my folks apartment and now i'm waiting for some guys to come and pick up a sofa. Filled with uranium. So we can build a nuclear bomb. In our apartment.

Man wouldn't it been great if those two major nuclear disasters hadn't happened. God damn amricans with their faulty tubing and those pesky russians with their devastating experiments. I mean, really, who fucks with a nuclear power plant. Power could be a lot cheaper, the air could be alot cleaner and we could be driving around in nuclear powered cars right about now. But nooo, radiation is dangerous. It can kill people and make you glow. Well, i got news for you kids; RADIATION ISN'T VISSIBLE.

If i were to make a party i'd expand the number of reactorts working and utilize them better. Much better. You know all that water being pumped out in the sea after it's cooled down the reactors? it could be made so it warms up the heaters and streets of AN ENTIRE CITY. That's billions and billions of dollars being litteraly thrown into the sea. For what? Peoples inane ideas that it's radioactive. That they'll grow another pair of legs. God damn i hate people.

Stupidity is what is holding this world back. Sure, we need SOME stupid people to clean our streets and take out our trash. But all of them? 

Normally evolution would've killed them off long ago. But now we got safety features and warning signs on about everything. Like toothpicks. "WARNING; POINTY END IS SHARP." No shit?

Oh well.

In other news; I'm still searching for substances that mimics the feeling of being with you. Love is a complex feeling.


  1. good ol' cray, freakin philosophocal genious

    i wish i could come up with some of the stuff he comes up with



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