Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new summer!

Hello everybody! College is officially done for the semester, and summer is here, so I will hopefull be able to get out post more frequently again. There's really nothing to blog about during the winters.

So what's new with me? Well, I still look, act and feel awesome. But that's not really new. I am a business owner thought. That's kinda new. And now you might be thinking: "That's cool Cray, you're awesome! But what does your kinda new company actually do?" Well I'll tell ya!

My company creates value to customers by optimizing productivity and efficiency through the promotion of synergy.

Doesn't really get any easier than that. Anywho, since summer just started, and we haven't had a single decent day with sunshine, I don't really got much more to tell you guys. So I'll just keep this post short. Be well y'all!



  1. Dude, enjoy your summer. Though I'm still not sure just what it is you do. Synergy is one of those fancy words I've never bothered to find out the meaning of. Like care.

  2. You're lucky! I have to study until July... my exams have just begun. :(

  3. woot woot! Im moving next month so my summer will be spent in a new area. :/

  4. wow. any thoughts of hiring me? HAHAH!!!!

    fine, you're awesome. I don't think I have the guts to even think of opposing that thought..I mean, what? HAHA!

  5. I'll trade you our sunshine for your clouds


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