Sunday, June 17, 2012

Someone bombed my favorite club

So yesterday was just like any other day. Except for the fact that instead of going out to my favorite club like I always do, I shamelessly fell asleep around 8 pm. Turns out that was the best choice for me that evening because at 00:21 am that night someone bombed the club. Thankfully nobody got hurt but it certainly rustled people jimmies. A couple of windows got blown out and the sound from the explosion carried itself up to 5 km from the blast.

In other news: Swedish summers sucks. It's been raining non-stop for like a month. Not cool nature, not cool.


  1. Wow, you are lucky you weren't there! I'm glad no one got hurt :)

  2. You certainly were quite lucky this time. It's a good job no one was hurt too.

  3. woah I assumed terrorism only existed in MY country. LOL there is no point for it being called summer then. Thought u guy r so lucky having 4 diff seasons, but now I see why men always complain about weather.

  4. Talk about being lucky, eh?

    I was on a bus ride a couple of years ago and received a phone call from my friend, but my battery died before I could pick up. He lived like, a hundred feet from the nearest bus stop, so I left the bus and went over to see what he wanted.

    Anyway, as I was going back home, I saw that bus knocked over at the side of the road. Nobody died, but a bunch of people ended up with broken bones and stuff.

  5. "Rustled people's jimmies"? Is that an English thing? It sounds American, though.

  6. Owch! Good thing you stayed at home!


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