Thursday, July 14, 2016

Chapter 2: Revenge

So what happened to that first desire that bound all humans together in the first place? That want, if not need, to protect their race at all costs? So, as mentioned earlier, the humans had perfected their salvaged technology after thirty-five years. But that’s another part of the human condition. They can never have enough. Just copying someone else’s work was nowhere as near as satisfying as it’d be to surpass them. So it took them about forty years to implement it. And another ten years to surpass it greatly. Technology that had once been outside their grasp was now beneath them. So they sent out scouting parties. They knew that the aliens had sent out a final warning into space by conventional radio waves. But they didn’t know who was the intended receiver nor where they would be located. It took them years of hard labor before they finally found their home system. The humans had been able to find it more or less by luck when one of their mining probes unexpectedly went offline in the middle of a mining operation. Billions of dollars were lost that day but the monetary loss was insignificant compared to what they gained. They now knew where their enemies were. And better yet, they hadn’t received the message yet. So they prepared for war. Then they patiently waited. They wanted the aliens to hear the message from their fallen comrades that had been sent so many, many years before. Once they had received the message and the severity of it had spread over all of their alien home worlds the humans decided. They decided to bring their war to them. The human ships and sky cities warped into orbit of the aliens home planets. Enough of them to blot out the skies. Just leaving the ships in orbit would have been worse than a nuclear winter. But the humans wanted revenge. They wanted blood. They wanted to show their would be captors what the human race was made of. What they could do. What the would do. The war lasted for minutes as they laid waste to entire planets. The humans had won. Yet it wasn't enough.


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