Sunday, November 30, 2014

Potatocoin: Plant some now and watch them grow!

New and wildly fascinating Potatocoin has seen a small growth spurt as it got introduced on the C-Cex market. Once a small and obscure coin is now one of the most traded currency, in terms of volume, on many of the alt-coin exchanges.

What Potatocoin is lacking in its technical innovation, with it being a standard X11 coin with a standard wallet, it makes up for with its altruistic properties. A whopping 50% of the coin has been premined in benefit of impoverished African farmers.  Potatocoin has a very detailed outline on how, when, and why this premine will be used as detailed on both their website and its whitepaper. With promises of establishing a legal NPO in the country of Sweden and helping to build infrastructure in Africa from the ground up, this coin could just about be the most humane alt-coin out there.



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