Friday, January 17, 2014

Coinye, the newly minted cryptocurrency, seems to be here to stay!

After the developers promptly shut down their coinye website due to both a cease and desist and a lawsuit from Kanye West, the coin has risen from the ashes. Some "miners" never left what many considered to be a sinking ship and have thus been greatly rewarded. Others are swimming back to the ship, with pickaxes on their back, as fast as they can. The reason? Kanye West.

A parody image based of a South Park episode

In his unpopular attempt at destroying the coin, he's made it more popular than ever, trumping many other alternative cryptocurrencies. Some people are using this opportunity to show that there is still freedom on the internet, others are simply in it for the money.

But one thing is sure: Coinye's are forever.


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