Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Red Pandas: Probably the cutest animal known to man

I just came across these two videos of red pandas and I just had to share them. Cutest things ever. Enjoy.

Red Panda freaking out over pumpkin

3 Red pandas jumping around.

Well that's all I got this time.I'll probably write something worth reading in the future. Stay tuned.

Also: Does Red Pandas got more or less soul than horses? You decide!


  1. lol,

    I dunno who got more or less soul between the two, whoever is, I still love them both.


  2. I don't think human eyes were meant to gaze upon such adorable creatures.

  3. Wow I never realised how closely related pandas where to racoons! I knew they where in the same "family" but wow!

  4. Ah... Red pandas actually inst related to regular pandas at all. They just happen to get that name because of how they look.

  5. Aww they're so cute! They definitely have more soul than horses. I wonder if they're friendly/snuggly too :)

  6. hey there! nice to have found your blog plus these adorable creatures <3

    why are those called "panda"s anyway? are those cute creatures in the same family with the known black-white pandas?

  7. They look like Tanukis!!! Damn I still love Japanese fox way more than these adorable little monsters.

  8. My god these are adorable. They look like Pokemon ffs!


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