Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hello again

Well, I totally loved the format on my last post, so I think that I'll stick with it for a while. It's actually surprisingly easy to write small bursts of text. Don't worry though, if something fun happens in my life I'll totally commit to a full blown post about it.


I think I got prosopagnosia. It's this condition that makes you unable to recognize faces. God knows that's a problem for me. I can't tell one face from another even if it'd save my life. So I compensate with remembering peoples hair, body type and body language instead. It can be very akward if people get a haircut...


The first thing I notice when I talk to people are their eyes. And sometimes that can be the only thing I remember. It can casue some fun conversations.
Friend: "Do you remember that Jonna girl from last week?"
Me: "That's the girl with blue eyes with a bit of brown around the pupils right?"
Friend: "Er... what?"
Me: "What?"
Friend: "Nevermind..."


I've always been a dog person. They're easy to handle and always more or less happy. And they always like to share food. Cats never do that. They're all like: "Meat? You expect me to eat meat? What's wrong with you?" Damn cats.


I found a spider the other day. Or rather, the spider found me. I was lying in my bed reading when this big black thing showed up on my book. In my bed. Doing it's thing. I supressed my first instinct to freak out and jump out the window and captured it. I later released it in the hallway outside of my apartment. He's my neighbours problem now.

That's today's thoughts yall. I'm going back to playing Fallout: New Vegas now. Or studying. Who knows.


  1. I'm not too bad with faces but I'm quite bad with voices sometimes. I'm really bad at recognising people on the phone.

  2. I have a hard time with names!

    And on dogs did you swap the names? Sounds like you're saying cats don't eat scraps?

  3. That's really neat. I've only read about people with prosopagnosia in my psych textbooks.

  4. that's cool that you didnt' kill the spider. Most are harmless and they kill nasty flys.

  5. haha I love that you released the spider down the hall.

  6. yeah, I think I like this format too..

    ohhh! dogs. I love dogs but my brother won't allow us to have one because there lots of kids in the neighborhood and he don't wanna take chances, in case.

    Anyway, if you have problem remembering their face, I got problems remembering their names (except for the one that I really like..really really like)..hahahah!

  7. Prosopagnosia? Finally I have a name for that condition! I thought I was the only one in the world. D:

  8. I've just read about Prosopagnosia the other it something permanent or?

  9. I have a condition where I can't remember the name of the condition I have.

  10. Great read! So random and I like it. Following!

  11. Good format, and always filled with interesting aspects of life.

  12. I've read about prosopagnosia before. dos not sound like fun at all

  13. Prosopagnosia? heard it just now. sounds interesting.
    I love dogs but they stay outside the house. My cat stays inside which pisses me off sometimes. Fortunately, he eats everything I give him.
    Hate spiders!!!! except spiderman! ohhhh haha

  14. I'm more of a cat person! I love cats they are so awesome. I just don't understand when someone says they like cats.


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