Monday, February 22, 2010

How much i love sex.

Looking back on my life, and the things I've done to get laid, I've realized that I love sex. Not just the act itself, but everything revolving it as well.

If we take a normal sexual encounter for example. Lets say we're in my room. We're lying on the bed watching a movie. Most often than not, the movie isn't even important. It's just there to give us an excuse to be lying close to each other.
NOTE: The girl in this example isn't anyone specific, but rather all the girls I've been with mixed together. With a few exceptions.

And this is what i love:
Everything from this moment on.
Now, if we still go with this example, when you're lying like that you got one arm over the head, and the other around her waist. You cuddle up closer so that you can feel her warmth, hear her breathing her hair against your cheek. Just lying like this, maybe holding hands, or stroking her waist and legs with your free hand.
This is when the kissing begins. You move away her hair a little, exposing her neck and face better. Your lips touch her neck, light, quick ones. She bends her head backwards to meet your lips. This is one of the better parts. The kissing.
I usually try to move her over so that she lies directly on top of me, holding her head with my hand, grabbing her hair lightly, and kiss her, with my head a little tilted. Tounge and lip-nibbling is of course involved.

I was once told that my kisses were "greedy and rough". I asked in return if that was a good or a bad thing, in which she ensured me that it was a very good thing.

Moving forward with this example. This is when i usually go for the bra. I almost always go for it before taking her shirt off. I'm my younger days i had to stop holding her head with one of my hands, or even even ask her to help me unbutton it. Nowadays I've mastered the technique to open it with one hand, sometimes with her not even noticing. Still kissing her, fondling her, enjoying having her body pressed against mine, still fully clothed.

Foreplay, for me, is almost as good and important as the sex itself. It builds lust and anticipation. With every girl I've been with, I've almost always remembered the foreplay more than the sex it self. Going straight for putting your dick in her pussy doesn't build up any expectations. It's like skipping to the end of a book.

Okay, This is were it gets a bit more X-rated and more skin gets involved. And how you do this also kind of depends on what kind of girl you're with and the mood. But my favorite is when i sit her up in my lap, and take my shirt of first, Showing her my beautiful body. And then i take her shirt of, with her bra following with it of course. Then you just press against her, kissing her, holding her. Feeling her naked skin against yours. Our tongues meeting. Her crotch pressed against mine.

This is when i push her down on the bed, still kissing her, but this time with me on top. I fondle her breasts, kiss her along her neck, down her belly and down to her pants. I waste no time unbuttoning them.

I love how they always help you taking the pants of by raising their butt. That gesture just makes me so incredible horny.

Anywho, I run my tongue along the edge of her panties, over them, before i get back up, next to her, and kiss her again, while she in turn takes my pants if. She usually do this while i finger her thru her panties.
And this is just the foreplay, I don't want to type so much more about the actual sex act because that's not what this post is about. It's about how much i love Sex. And this is just one of many examples of how it starts of.

But my number one rule is to this: Give her pleaseure and she'll return the favor


Even if kissing isn't something considered sex i think it's closely related and good kissing is key to a proper sex life. Kissing is relatively easy, but being a good kisser is not. I've heard that I'm one of the good ones, but they might just say that to be nice.

Usually when i kiss a girl I get close to her, put one arm around her waist, and the other supporting her neck, pressing her against me. At the exact same time i lean forward, tilt my head to the right and let our lips meet.

That feeling, is always wonderful by the way. Exactly when your lips meet. You can't explain how good a pair of lips feels pressed against your own.

We kiss for a while, and i try to "probe" with my tongue, see if she's willing to let them meet. This is often the case. But I try not to use to much tongue. Just a little more so that our tips meets somewhere in there, twirling about.

First Kiss

Now the first kiss is something entirely different from a normal kiss. I'm not talking about your first kiss ever, but the first kiss with the girl you just met. I've had many first kisses and they've all varied some what. The ones when you're utterly drunk is never that good. But the ones when you're sober, or a maybe a little bit buzzed, are wonderful.

Picture this, you've been talking to this cute girl, sitting next to her, having your arm around her. You are alone.

This is a perfect setting. This is were I'd move my arm around her waist instead. Then look her in the eyes, with a smile. I can clearly see that she's aroused, blushed cheeks, her chests moves faster. (if she's not, don't try to kiss her) I use my other hand to move some of her hair, and leave it on her cheek, stroking her lightly with my thumb while still looking into her eyes. This takes maybe a half a second, before i lean in, close, kind of from the side.
We got our faces so close to each other that we can feel each others breaths. I intentionally do this, instead of going straight for the kiss, to up the tension. I let my lips lightly brush against hers, teasing her, before kissing her for real. And we ended up kissing for several minutes before taking a break. And that look. The first look you get from the girl you just kissed for the first time. It's so beautiful. Her head is usually tilted down somewhat, her eyes wide open, looking into mine, and a smile. That smile.

It's just so wonderful. The whole thing. Those moments you remember and treasure.


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